Toyota Celica/Supra 1971-1985 Repair Guide

Signal and Marker Lights



Front Turn Signal, Parking and Marker Lights

The lens is removed to allow access to the bulb. External lenses usually have a rubber gasket around them to keep dust and water out of the housing; the gasket must be present and in good condition at reinstallation. Exterior lenses are held by one or more screws which must be removed. Once the lens is removed from the body, the bulb is removed from the socket and replaced. For some front marker lamps and front turn signals, the socket and bulb is removed from the lens with a counterclockwise turn.

The bulbs used on Toyotas are all US standard and may be purchased at any auto store or dealer. Because of the variety of lamps used on any vehicle, take the old one with you when shopping for the replacement.

On some models the lens can be replaced separately. On others, you have to replace the lens with the plastic backing attached.

Rear Turn Signal, Brake and Parking Lights

Most rear lenses are fastened in place from inside the luggage compartment. A stud is attached to the lens and passes through the sheet metal at the rear of the body. Remove the attaching nuts from inside the luggage compartment and pull the lens off. A few small lenses may be attached with screws that are accessible from the rear. To remove these, the outer chrome trim may need to be removed. Then simply remove the screws and remove the lens.

Once the lens is removed, the bulb can be replaced simply by depressing it, turning it counterclockwise, and removing it. Install in reverse order.

License Plate Lights
  1. Remove the lamp attaching bolts or screws.
  3. Remove the lamp socket then remove the bulb.
  5. Installation is the reverse of removal.