Toyota Celica/Supra 1971-1985 Repair Guide

Axle Shaft



Except 1982-85 Supra and 1983-85 Celica GTS

See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: Rear axle shaft component identification

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Fig. Fig. 2: Take off the wheel and brake drum before removing the axle shaft

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Fig. Fig. 3: Use a slide hammer to remove the axle shaft

  1. Raise the rear of the car and support it securely by using jackstands.

Be sure that the vehicle is securely supported. Remember, you will be working underneath it.

  1. Drain the oil from the axle housing.
  3. Remove the wheel cover (if equipped), unfasten the lug nuts, and remove the wheel.
  5. Punch matchmarks on the brake drum and the axle shaft to maintain rotational balance.
  7. Remove the brake drum and related components, as detailed in Brakes .
  9. Remove the backing plate attachment nuts through the access holes in the rear axle shaft flange.
  11. Use a slide hammer with a suitable adapter to withdraw the axle shaft from its housing.

Use care not to damage the oil seal when removing the axle shaft.

  1. Repeat the procedure for the axle shaft on the opposite side. Be careful not to mix the components of the two sides.
  3. Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal. Coat the lips of the rear housing oil seal with multi-purpose grease prior to installation of the rear axle shaft.

1982-85 Supra and 1983-85 Celica GTS

See Figure 4

These cars are equipped with a fully Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) system. The rear axle assembly is comprised of right and left swing axles, attached to the center differential housing by constant-velocity joints which permit the axles to move up and down while they turn.

Since five different Special Service Tools (SST) are required for axle shaft, bearing, and oil seal removal and installation on the IRS axles, the work is best performed by a reputable independent mechanic or an authorized Toyota service facility.

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Fig. Fig. 4: Independent rear axle shaft components