Toyota Corolla 1970-1987 Repair Guide



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

If you plan to service your vehicle on a regular bassis, it would be wise to obtain a hydraulic floor jack. These are easier to use and you will probably find the convenience well worth the price. Always protect the undercoating of your vehicle by placing a small block of wood or a sturdy rubber pad between the jack/jackstand and the vehicle frame/body rails.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Recommended jacking locations-RWD vehicles

ALWAYS follow these safety precautions when jacking the vehicle:

Always raise the car on a level surface.
Firmly set the parking brake (if the front wheels are being raised), and block wheels which remain on the ground. This is EXTREMELY important to keep the vehicle from rolling of the jack.

The tool kit supplied with many Toyotas includes a wheel block

If the vehicle is being raised in order to work underneath it (EVEN, if it is only for a moment such as to check for a leak or a loose wire), support the vehicle using jackstands or ramps. Do not place the jackstands against sheet metal panels beneath the car or the underbody will be damaged.

NEVER work beneath a vehicle supported only by a jack

Do not use a bumper jack to raise the vehicle; the bumpers are not designed for this purpose.
NEVER use cinder blocks to support a vehicle, they may crumble without warning causing severe personal injury.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Recommended jacking locations-FWD vehicles

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Fig. Fig. 3: The scissor jack supplied with the car may be used at these locations