Toyota Cressida/Corona/Crown/MarkII 1970-1982 Repair Guide



All Mark II, all Crown and 1970-73 (early Corona, use the 3-speed Toyoglide transmissions (A30).

Starting in the spring of 1973, Corona models came equipped with a 3-speed Aisin-Warner automatic transmission (A40). The 1981 Corona and Cressida use the A40D overdrive automatic. The 1982 Cressida models use the A43DE.

Replenish the fluid through the filler tube with type F fluid for all models. Add fluid to the top of the COLD or HOT range, depending upon engine temperature.

This section covers routine service and basic adjustments, which may be performed by the owner. More complex service is best left to an authorized service facility, as special tools and service procedures are required.