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Toyota Cressida/Corona/Crown/MarkII 1970-1982 Repair Guide




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Fig. Fig. 1 When checking the oil, locate and remove the engine oil dipstick

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Fig. Fig. 2 The engine oil level should be within the crosshatched area

The engine oil level should be checked at regular intervals; for example, whenever the car is refueled. Check the oil level, if the red oil warning light comes on or if the oil pressure gauge shows an abnormally low reading.

It is preferable to check the oil level when the engine is cold or after the car has been standing for a while. Checking the oil immediately after the engine has been running will result in a false reading. Be sure that the car is on a level surface before checking the oil level.

Remove the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag. Insert it again (fully) and withdraw it. The oil level should be at the F mark (Full) or between the F and the L (Low) marks. Do not run the engine if the oil level is below the L.

Do not use unlabeled oil or a lower grade of oil which does not meet SH specifications.