Toyota Cressida/Corona/Crown/MarkII 1970-1982 Repair Guide



An inspection slot is provided, in most cases, in the top of the caliper for checking the brake pad thickness. However, if the thickness seems marginal, the pads should be removed from the caliper and checked.

Always replace the pads on both front wheels. When inspecting or replacing the brake pads, check the surface of the disc rotors for scoring, wear and run-out. The rotors should be resurfaced if badly scored or replaced if badly worn.

Fixed Caliper

The fixed caliper design uses two pistons mounted on either side of the rotor. The caliper is rigidly mounted and does not move.

Sliding Caliper

The sliding caliper design uses one piston mounted on the inboard side of the disc rotor. The caliper, which is not held in a fixed position, moves slightly when the brake is applied. The movement of the caliper brings the outside brake pad into contact with the rotor.