Toyota Cressida and Van 1983-1990

Oxygen Sensor Maintenance Reminder Light




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Fig. Fig. 1 Common oxygen sensor maintenance reminder light wiring diagram

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Fig. Fig. 2 Location of a common oxygen sensor cancel switch. Press it to reset the light

There are some Cressida models that are equipped with an oxygen sensor reset light. At 30,000 mile intervals, a mileage counter activates a warning light in the dash panel. At this time the oxygen sensor must be inspected and/or replaced. After the oxygen sensor is replaced it will be necessary to reset the oxygen sensor reminder light. Use the procedure above to test the oxygen sensor. Reset the oxygen sensor reminder light as follows:

  1. On most of the Cressida models, remove the small panel next to the steering column and remove the cancel switch. It should be noted, that this cancel switch has also been found to be taped to the main wiring harness located up above the left-hand side kick panel.
  3. Once the cancel switch has been found, pry open the tab on the cancel switch and move the switch to the opposite position. Reinstall the cancel switch once it has been reset.