Toyota Cressida and Van 1983-1990

Complete System



Do NOT perform exhaust repairs with the engine or exhaust hot. Allow the system to cool completely before attempting any work. Exhaust systems are noted for sharp edges, flaking metal and rusted bolts. Gloves and eye protection are required. A healthy supply of penetrating oil and rags is highly recommended.

If the entire exhaust system is to be replaced, it is much easier to remove the system as a unit than to remove each individual piece. Disconnect the first pipe at the manifold joint and work towards the rear, removing brackets and hangers as you go. Separate the rear pipe at the catalytic converter. Remove any retaining brackets and O-rings from the center of the exhaust system and back. Then, slide the rear section of the exhaust system out from the back of the vehicle. Once removed from the vehicle, you can detach the catalytic converter from the system, as it is usually good enough to reuse.

The new system can then be bolted up on the workbench and easily checked for proper tightness and gasket integrity. When installing the new assembly, suspend it from the flexible hangers first, then attach the fixed (solid) brackets. Check the clearance to the body and suspension and install the manifold joint bolts, tightening them correctly.