Toyota Cressida and Van 1983-1990

Fuel and Engine Recommendations



Unleaded gasoline having a Research Octane Number (RON) of 91, or an Antiknock Index of 87 is recommended for your car. Leaded gasoline will quickly interfere with the operation of the catalytic converter and just a few tankfuls of leaded gasoline will render the converter useless. This will cause the emission of much greater amounts of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide from the exhaust system, void you warranty and cost a considerable amount of money for converter replacement.

Using a high quality unleaded gasoline will help maintain the driveability, fuel economy and emissions performance of your vehicle. A properly formulated gasoline will be comprised of well refined hydrocarbons and chemical additives and will perform the following.

Minimize varnish, lacquer and other induction system deposits.
Prevent gum formation or other deterioration.
Protect the fuel tank and other fuel system components from corrosion or degradation.
Provide the correct seasonally and geographically adjusted volatility. This will provide easy starting in the winter and avoid vapor lock in the summer. Avoid fuel system icing.

In addition, the fuel will be free of water debris and other impurities. Some driveability deterioration on multi-port electronically fuel injected vehicles can be traced to continuous use of certain gasolines which may have insufficient amounts of detergent additives to provide adequate deposit control protection.


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Fig. Fig. 1 Look for the API oil identification label when choosing your engine oil

Oil meeting API classification SG or SG/CC is recommended for use in your vehicle. Viscosity grades 10W-30 or 10W-40 are recommended on models before 1984 and 5W-30 or 15W-40 on models 1984 and later. See the viscosity to temperature chart in this section.