Toyota Cressida and Van 1983-1990

Brake Disc Rotor



  1. Raise and safely support the rear of the vehicle.
  3. Remove the rear wheel assembly and temporarily fasten the rotor disc with the hub nuts.
  5. Remove the brake caliper retaining bolts from the torque plate. Lift up the brake cylinder and suspend it so the brake hose is not stretched. Do not disconnect the brake hose.
  7. Remove the brake pad assembly.
  9. Slide the rear disc rotor off the rear axle.

Place matchmarks on the rotor disc and rear axle shaft before removing the disc rotor. If the rotor disc cannot be removed easily, return the shoe adjuster until the wheel turns freely.

  1. Installation is the reverse order of the removal procedure.

If your vehicle is equipped with the type of rear axle set-up that won't allow the disc rotor to come free without removing the rear wheel bearing, you will be in need for more extensive coverage of the brake disc rotor removal and installation. Refer to the Rear Drive Axle section in Chapter 7 of this guide.


Examine the disc. If it is worn, warped or scored, it must be replaced. Check the thickness of the disc against the specifications given in the Disc and Pad Specifications chart. If it is below specifications, replace it. Use a micrometer to measure the thickness.

The disc run-out should be measured before the disc is removed and again, after the disc is installed. Use a dial indicator mounted on a stand to determine run-out. If run-out exceeds 0.15mm (all models), replace the disc.

Be sure that the wheel bearing nut is properly tightened. If it is not, an inaccurate run-out reading may be obtained. If different run-out readings are obtained with the same disc, between removal and installation, this is probably the cause.