Toyota Cressida and Van 1983-1990



Always tow using the tie down tabs located under front and rear bumpers. The following precautions should be observed when towing the vehicle:

  1. Always place the transmission in Neutral and release the parking brake.
  3. Models equipped with automatic transmissions, may be towed with the transmission in Neutral, but only for short distances at speeds below 20 mph (32 kmh). When towing a car with an automatic transmission, you may tow the car for up to 50 miles (80 km) and at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kmh).
  5. If the rear axle is defective, the car must be towed with its rear wheels off the ground.
  7. Always turn the steering column lock to ON and then return to ACC. This prevents the steering column from locking.

The steering column lock is not designed to hold the wheels straight while the car is being towed. Therefore, if the car is being towed with its front end down, place a dolly under the front wheels.

Whenever you are towing another vehicle, or being towed, make sure the chain or strap is sufficiently long and strong. Attach the chain securely at a point on the frame, shipping tie-down slots are provided on the front and rear of you car and should be used. Never attach a chain or strap to any steering or suspension part. Never try to start the vehicle when being towed, it might run into the back of the tow car. Do not allow too much slack in the tow line, the towed car could run over the line and damage to both cars could occur. If you car is being towed by a tow truck, the towing speed should be limited to 50 mph (80 kmh) with the driving wheels off the ground. If it is necessary to tow the car with the drive wheels on the ground, speed should be limited to no more then 35 mph (56 kmh) and the towing distance should not be greater than 50 miles (80 km). If towing distance is more than 50 miles (80 km) the front of the car should be put on dollies.

If the car is being towed with the front wheels on the ground, never allow the steering lock to keep the wheels straight, damage to the steering could occur. On vehicles equipped with the All Wheel Drive (AWD) system, do not tow your vehicle IN the AWD mode. If the AWD does not disengage, due to electrical or vacuum system failures, remove the driveshaft or use a dolly.

The rear bumper on some Van models may not be designed for trailer towing. A trailer hitch must not be installed to the rear bumper unless your vehicle bears a caution for trailer towing label on the driver's side sun visor.