Toyota Highlander Hybrid 6 2005-06



If you replace or separate the components for power steering oil pressure line, you bleed the air in the power steering system after the operation.

  1. Start and idle the engine at 1,000 rpm or less until bubbles in the fluid disappear. (Be sure not to turn the steering wheel.)
  3. When the bubbles disappear, slowly turn the steering wheel from lock to lock 2 or 3 times.
  5. Repeat steps 1. and 2. until the fluid level in the reservoir becomes stable and bubbles disappear. If the fluid level goes below the MAX line, add fluid.
  7. When the fluid level becomes stable, increase and decrease oil pressure 2 or 3 times for both left and right by turning the steering wheel to the full lock positions and jiggling it there.
  9. Make sure that no bubbles exist in the reservoir. When turning the steering wheel quickly or turning it from lock to lock position, check that the steering wheel is not heavy to turn and there is no abnormal noise or vibration.
  11. When there are fluid leaks or abnormalities after bleeding air, repair them and repeat steps 1. through 5. If the abnormalities still exist, replace the related parts