Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1970-1988



The A-30 Toyoglide transmission is used in all 1970-77 models. The A-30 is a fully automatic three speed transmission using a combination of multiple disc clutches and front and rear bands to accomplish gear ratio changes. Internal adjustments necessary on this transmission include only the front and rear bands.

The A-40 transmission is used in 1978-79 models. The A-40 is also a fully automatic three speed, but it does not use bands for gear changes, thus internal adjustments are not possible.

In 1980, the A-40 was replaced by the A-43 three speed, which is used through the current model year. Internal adjustments are not required on this transmission.

The A-43D is a fully automatic four speed transmission first offered as an option on 1981 models and is available through the current model year. The A340E and A340H are also fully automatic transmissions with the difference being that they are controlled electronically by computer, where conventional transmissions are controlled by oil pressure. These transmissions became available in 1986 and are still used in 1988. The fourth speed of this transmission is an overdrive ratio, which offers improved gasoline mileage by lowering the engine rpm at highway speeds. The hydraulic circuit of the overdrive mode on the A43D is electrically controlled. The main electrical components include the following:

  1. A dash mounted overdrive control switch.
  3. A dash mounted OVERDRIVE-OFF indicator lamp.
  5. A transmission mounted solenoid.
  7. An engine mounted thermo switch which prevents overdrive engagement until the engine coolant temperature reaches 131°F.

The 1984-88 Land Cruiser is equipped with an A440F transmission which is similar to the A-43D.