Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1970-1988

Wheel Cylinders



  1. Perform the brake drum and brake shoe removal procedures, as outlined above.
  3. Plug the master cylinder reservoir inlet, to prevent fluid from leaking out.
  5. Remove the hydraulic lines from the wheel cylinders by unfastening the union bolt.
  7. Remove the wheel cylinder attachment screws and remove the wheel cylinders.

Do not mix the right and left wheel cylinders.

To install:
  1. Use the attaching screws to install the wheel cylinder on the backing plate.

The wheel cylinder adjusting nut and bolt on the right side of the brake have left hand threads; those on the left side have right hand threads. Be careful not to mix them.

  1. Connect the hydraulic lines to the wheel cylinders.

Use care to ensure that the hydraulic line is not twisted.

  1. Install the brake drum and shoes, as outlined above. Bleed the brake system.


Remove the boots, pistons and the cups and closely inspect the bores for signs of wear, scoring and/or scuffing. When in doubt, replace or hone the wheel cylinders with a special brake hone, using clean brake fluid as lubricant. Wash residue from the bores using clean fluid; never use oil or any other solvent on any brake components. Blow dry with air and install with fresh brake fluid. The The general limit for a honed cylinder is 0.13mm oversize. Wheel cylinder rebuilding kits are available which include new boots and cups. Never reuse these parts. The adjuster screws should be taken apart and all dirt and rust removed with a wire brush. Lightly coat with brake type grease before assemble; components should turn freely.