Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996

Rear Wheel Alignment


The proper alignment of the rear wheels is as important as the alignment of the front wheels. The nature of the rear axles used on the vehicles covered in this information eliminates all possibility of adjusting the rear alignment; correct alignment is achieved only by the correct installation of component parts.

In spite of this fact, a check of the rear alignment can reveal a hidden cause of rear tire wear or a cause of poor handling. If the rear wheels are misaligned, the vehicle will exhibit unpredictable handling characteristics.

The usual symptoms include a different turning response into left and right corners and difficulty in maintaining a straight path. Both of these stem from the rear wheels attempting to steer the vehicle instead of rolling straight. This "rear steer'' behavior is particularly hazardous on slick surfaces; the back wheels of the vehicle may attempt to go in directions unrelated to the front during braking or turning maneuvers.

For caster, camber and toe specifications, please refer to the Wheel Alignment chart in this section.

The rear wheel alignment should be checked any time a problem is suspected or after any serious impact involving the rear wheels. Even a low-speed encounter with a curb on a snowy day can bend an axle. If the rear alignment check reveals a component problem, the timely inspection has saved you at least the cost of new tires and possibly a more serious accident by eliminating poor handling.