Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996



The A43D is a fully automatic 2WD, four speed transmission with electrically engaged overdrive. It was first offered as an option on 1981 models and is available through the current model year in trucks and is now offered in the Tacoma. The A44F is the 4WD application found in 1990 and 1991 4Runners.

The A340E, A340, and A340H are also fully automatic transmissions, but rely on electronic computer control rather than the conventional reliance on internal oil pressures. Because of the electronic controls, these units are referred to as Electronically Controlled Transmissions (ECT). On 1989-96 models, these units were offered in the Pick-Up, 4Runner, T100 and Tacoma.

The A340E contains a lock-up torque converter and is coupled to the 3VZ-E engine. The A340F employs a mechanically controlled transfer unit for 4WD applications, while the A340H, also used in 4WD vehicles, is coupled to an electrically controlled transfer case.

1989-92 Land Cruisers were equipped with an A440F transmission which is similar to the A43D. The A440F contains a lock-up torque converter and is coupled to a 2-speed transfer unit. The A442F is used in the Land Cruiser from 1993-95. In 1996, the A343F transmission was used.