Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996




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The fuse block is located below the left side of the instrument panel on all vehicles. Additional fuses are found on the underhood relay board. The radio or audio unit is protected by an additional fuse in the body of the unit. In the event that anything electrical isn't working, the fuse should be the first item checked.

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Fig. Fig. 1: A fuse puller can make replacement easier

The underdash or underhood fusebox contains a fuse puller which can be used to grip and remove the fuse. The fuse cannot be checked while in the fuseblock; it must be removed. View the fuse from the side, looking for a broken element in the center. Sometimes the break is hard to see; if you can't check the fuse with an ohmmeter for continuity, replace the fuse.

If a fuse should blow, turn OFF the ignition switch and also the circuit involved. Replace the fuse with one of the same amperage rating, and turn on the switches. If the new fuse immediately blows out, the circuit should be tested for shorts, broken insulation, or loose connections.

Do not use fuses of a higher amperage than recommended.