Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996




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The pedal height measurement is gauged from the angled section of the floorboard to the center of the clutch pedal pad. If necessary, adjust the pedal height by loosening the locknut and turning the pedal stop bolt which is located above the pedal toward the driver's seat. Tighten the locknut after the adjustment.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Pedal height and pushrod play adjustments

Correct pedal height from the floor pan sheet (not the carpet) is:

1989-95 2WD Pick-Up-6.0827 in. (154.5mm)
1989-95 4WD Pick-Up-5.9646 in. (151.5mm)
1989-95 4Runner-6.201 in. (157.5mm)
1995-96 Tacoma-6.89-7.28 in. (175.0-185.0mm)
1995-96 T100-6.087-6.480 in. (154.6-164.6mm)


See Figure 2

Check the pedal free-play to see if it is correct, push in on until the beginning of the clutch resistance is felt. To adjust, loosen the locknut and turn the pushrod until the free-play is correct. Tighten the locknut. After adjusting the free-play, check the pedal height.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Free-play is the amount of pedal movement before the clutch engages

1989-95 Pick-Up-0.20-0.59 in. (5.0-15.0mm)
1989-95 4Runner-0.20-0.59 in. (5.0-15.0mm)
1995-96 Tacoma-0.197-0.591 in. (5.0-15.0mm)
1993-96 T100-0.197-0.591 in. (5.0-15.0mm)


The pedal pushrod play is the distance between the clutch master cylinder piston and the pedal pushrod located above the pedal towards the firewall. Since it is nearly impossible to measure this distance at the source, it must be measured at the pedal pad.

If necessary, adjust the pedal play by loosening the pedal pushrod locknut and turning the pushrod. Tighten the locknut after the adjustment to 0.039-0.197 in. (1.0-5.0mm).