Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996

Actuator System Bleeding


This procedure requires the use of the Toyota ABS Actuator Checker and adapter harness (Tools 09990-00150 and 09990-00205) or their equivalent.

Whenever the actuator or any power steering hoses are disconnected, the actuator should be bled using the following procedure. Normal bleeding of each system may not remove all the air from the actuator.

  1. Bleed the power steering system. Refer to Suspension & Steering . The bleeder valve is located on the steering gearbox.
  3. Bleed the brake system with the engine running. Bleed the brake system again with the engine off.
  5. Disconnect the wiring harness at the actuator and at the solenoid relay.
  7. Connect the ABS checker and harness to the actuator, relay and body wiring harness, using the adapters as necessary.
  9. Connect the red cable of the checker to the positive battery terminal and the black cable to the negative battery terminal.
  11. Start the engine and run it at idle.
  13. Turn the selector switch on the ABS checker to the AIR BLEED position. Strongly depress the brake pedal and hold it in that position.
  15. Push the ON/OFF switch (on the checker) for about 3 seconds and release it; do this 5 times.

Do not push the ON/OFF switch before the brake pedal is depressed-master cylinder damage may occur. Do not release the brake pedal while the switch is engaged. Do not hold the ON/OFF switch ON more than 5-7 seconds.

  1. After 5 repetitions, release the switch and then release the brake pedal.
  3. Check the level of the power steering and brake fluids in their reservoirs; top off each as necessary using the correct fluid.
  5. Disconnect and remove the ABS checker. Reconnect the system harness.