Toyota Pick-ups/Land Cruiser/4Runner 1989-1996



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Push-starting is not recommended. All trucks are equipped with a catalytic converter. Raw gas collecting in the converter may cause damage. Additionally, computer controlled fuel injection system components may be damaged. Jump starting from a known good battery is the only recommended method of starting a disabled vehicle.

If a Toyota truck needs to be towed, the best way is to use a flatbed or rollback tow vehicle which can carry the vehicle with all 4 wheels off the ground.

Trucks and 4Runner's may also be towed with either end elevated. To tow with rear wheels on the ground, release the parking bake and put the transmission in NEUTRAL. The transfer case (if 4WD) must be in H2. The H4 button must be off. With automatic transmissions, the rear drive shaft must be disconnected at the differential if towing will exceed 30 mph (48 kph) or a total of 50 miles (80 km). Failure to disconnect the driveshaft will damage the transmission.

Towing trucks and 4Runner's with the front wheels on the ground requires the ignition key to be in the ACC position to release the steering lock. On 4WD units, put the transmission in NEUTRAL and the transfer case selector in H2. Disengage the free-wheeling hubs if so equipped. To tow with the front wheels on the ground, the steering wheel must be held in place with special equipment commonly carried on tow trucks. The anti-theft lock is not strong enough to hold the front wheels straight during towing.

Land Cruisers may be towed in similar manners but in all cases the center differential switch must be OFF and the center differential set in the FREE position.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Towing a Full-time 4WD vehicle

All vehicles are equipped with tow hooks front and rear which may be used for flat towing with a rope or chain. A driver must be in the vehicle to steer it and operate the brakes. Towing in this manner must only be done for a short distance at low speeds. The entire drive line, wheels, axles, etc., must be in serviceable condition. The transmission must be in NEUTRAL and, on 4WD models, the transfer case in H2. On Land Cruisers, switch the center differential lock OFF.