Toyota Pick-ups, Land Cruiser, and 4 Runner 1997-00

Evaporative Canister (Charcoal Canister)


The evaporative emissions system is designed to prevent the atmospheric release of evaporated fuel from the fuel tank. The evaporative emission canister (sometimes called the charcoal canister) directs fuel vapor from the fuel tank. A system of valves meters the vapor from the canister to the intake manifold, where it is drawn into the engine and burned during the normal combustion process. The activated charcoal element within the canister acts as a storage device for the fuel vapors at times when the engine operating conditions do NOT allow efficient burning of the vapors.

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Fig. Evaporative emission system components and operating schematic1999 4Runner with 3RZ-FE engine shown, others similar

The only required service for the canister is inspection at the intervals specified in the Maintenance Chart. If the charcoal element is saturated or damaged, the entire canister will require replacement. Label and disconnect the canister purge hoses, loosen the retaining bracket bolt(s) and lift out the canister. Installation is simply the reverse of the removal process.