Toyota Previa 1991-1997 Repair Information

Evaporative Canister (Charcoal Canister)



See Figure 1

The canister recycles the fuel vapor from the fuel tank. The activated charcoal element within the canister acts as a storage device for the fuel vapors at times when the engine operating conditions do not allow efficient burning of the vapors.

The only required service for the canister is inspection at the intervals specified in the Maintenance Chart at the end of this section. If the charcoal element is saturated, the entire canister will require replacement. Additional testing of the evaporative emission system can be found in Driveability & Emissions Controls .

  1. Label and remove the vacuum lines leading to the canister.
  3. Unfasten the retaining bolts from the canister.
  5. Pull the lower hose off the tube attached to the lower portion of the canister.
  7. Inspect the case for any cracking or damage.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Inspect the canister for cracks or damages at these points