Toyota Tercel 1984-1994 Repair Guide

Fluid Pan



See Figure 1

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. If equipped with a plug, drain the transmission fluid.
  5. Carefully loosen and remove the bolts holding the oil pan. Tap around the pan lightly with a plastic mallet, breaking the gasket tension by vibration. Do not pry the pan down with a screwdriver or similar tool; the pan is lightweight metal and may deform, causing leaks.
  7. Remove all traces of gasket material from the pan and the transaxle mating faces. Clean them carefully with a plastic or wooden scraper. Do not gouge the metal.
  9. Clean the pan thoroughly of all oil and sediment.
  11. Install a new gasket on the pan, then bolt the pan into place. Snug the bolts in a criss-cross pattern, working from the center out. Tighten the pan bolts to 43 inch lbs. (4.9 Nm).

If the mating surfaces of the oil pan and transaxle are clean and straight, there is no need for gasket sealer during reassembly. The use of sealer is generally not recommended on these transmissions.

  1. Lower the vehicle to the ground and refill the transaxle using Dexron II® automatic transmission fluid. Please refer to Routine Maintenance for details.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Most fluid pans are equipped with a drain plug


  1. With the pan removed, the transaxle filter is visible. Remove the bolts holding the filter, then remove the filter and gasket, if so equipped.

On some models, the filter retaining bolts are different lengths and MUST BE reinstalled in their correct locations. Take great care not to interchange them.

  1. Clean the mating surfaces of the filter; make sure all traces of the old gasket material are removed.
  3. Install the new filter assembly (some models use a gasket under the filter). Install the retaining bolts in their correct locations and tighten only to 7 ft. lbs. (10 Nm).
  5. Install the pan.