VW Passat & Audi A4 1990-2000

Outside Mirror Glass



Always wear eye protection and protective gloves when removing or working with mirror glass.

  1. Apply protective tape around the upper and lower edges of the mirror housing to protect the finish.
  3. Grasp the mirror firmly on the top and bottom of the mirror around the mirror housing.
  5. Carefully squeeze the upper portion of the mirror causing it to pivot to its stop.
  7. Using a suitable wide face, hard plastic prytool, or a sturdy 2 inch (50mm) paint or gasket scraper wrapped in protective tape, carefully pry the bottom center of the mirror upward until it releases from the bottom fastening lugs, then carefully pry at the top center of the mirror until the upper lugs release. If the mirror is heated, use a long needle nose pliers to carefully wiggle the electrical connectors off the back of the mirror.

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Fig. Carefully squeeze the mirror glass until the base has bottomed, then use a suitable wide faced prytool to release the upper and lower retainers

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Fig. Once the mirror is released, if it is a heated mirror, disconnect the 2 electrical connectors

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Fig. To install, seat the mirror onto its base and squeeze from the center top and bottom until it is fully seated

To install:

  1. Seat the mirror onto the mirror base and carefully squeeze the top center and bottom center of the mirror until it snaps in place.