VW Passat & Audi A4 1990-2000



Your car is equipped with a single post, crank handle jack which fits the jacking points behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel. These are marked with triangular sections that are stamped into the lower rocker panel of the of the body sheet metal. NEVER use the tire changing jack for anything other than that. If you intend to use this guide to perform your own maintenance, a good scissors or a small hydraulic jack and a set of suitably sturdy jackstands would be a wise purchase. Always chock the wheels when changing a tire or working beneath the car. It cannot be overemphasized. CLIMBING UNDER A CAR SUPPORTED BY JUST THE JACK IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Temporarily place removed tire/wheel assemblies under the vehicle as a measure of safety.

NEVER place any part of your body between a jack stand, jack or removed components and the under body of a vehicle. If adjusting jack stand height or moving a jack, work from the side to avoid the risk of physical harm.

A jack can be safely placed just forward of or behind the same jacking points used by the tire changing jack. Place the jack on the rocker panel or on the seam, not inside the seam on the floor pan. Lift the car there and fit the jackstand at the normal jacking point.