VW Passat & Audi A4 1990-2000

Wheel Lug Bolts


The Audi A4 and Passat models use wheel lug bolts that are threaded into a hub when installed. Apply an anti-seizing compound to the lug bolt treads before installation. Always inspect the threads of the lug bolts and replace them if they shows signs of cross-threading stretching, distortion or damage. If necessary, use a suitable tap to clean the threads of the hub.

The wheel bolt diameter and thread pitch specification is M12 x 1.5mm on models with four lug bolts per wheel or M14 x 1.5 on models with five lug bolts per wheel. If a bolt is damaged it should be replaced and the threads in the hub cleaned with a suitable tap.

If a lug bolt is seized or rounded off, center punch the center of the lug bolt and use a high speed drill bit lubricated with oil to first drill a small (about 1 / 8 inch (3mm) pilot hole, the use a drill bit equal in size to the threaded portion of the lug bolts, and drill the head off the lug bolt. Lubricate the threaded portion of the lug bolt with a generous application of penetrating oil and alternately rap it on the end sharply with a hammer, then use a pair of locking pliers to remove the bolt. Clean the threads of the hub with a suitable tap and install a new lug bolt with a light coating of an anti-seizing compound.