Vibe 2006-2007

Mass Air Flow Sensor



The MAF sensor is a hot wire design. A platinum hot wire and a thermistor are located in the intake air bypass passage of the MAF sensor housing. The temperature of the platinum hot wire is affected by exposure to air flow and by exposure to air temperature. The platinum hot wire is maintained at a set temperature by controlling the current flow through the wire. The MAF sensor converts the changes in current flow to a voltage signal. The voltage signal from the MAF sensor enables the PCM to detect changes in air density and changes in air volume.

Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from the mass air flow (MAF) sensor.
  3. Remove the two fasteners.
  5. Remove the MAF sensor and O-ring from the air cleaner housing.

To install:

  1. Installation is the reverse of removal. Use a new o-ring.


  1. Check for the following before performing any electrical tests:

    A restricted or collapsed air intake duct
    A misaligned or damaged air intake duct
    Loose clamps on the air intake duct
    A dirty or deteriorating air filter element
    Water in the induction system
    Any objects blocking or restricting the air inlet probe of the MAF sensor
    Any contamination or debris on the sensing elements in the probe of the MAF sensor

  3. Turn OFF the ignition.
  5. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor electrical connector.
  7. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
  9. Probe the ignition positive voltage circuit with a test lamp connected to ground. If the test lamp does not illuminate, check the ignition positive voltage wiring for an open circuit.
  11. Turn OFF the ignition.
  13. Connect the MAF sensor electrical connector.
  15. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
  17. Backprobe the MAF signal high circuit at the powertrain control module (PCM) with a meter connected to ground. The voltage should be 0.5-3 volts. If not check the circuit for an open or short to ground on the signal wire.
  19. Remove the MAF sensor from the air cleaner housing. Continue to backprobe the MAF signal high circuit at the PCM.
  21. Observe the voltage on the MAF signal high circuit while blowing gently into the MAF sensor orifice. The signal high circuit voltage increase when blowing air into the sensor orifice. If not check the wiring for open, short or high resistance.
  23. If there are no issues with the wiring and connectors, replace the sensor.

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    Fig. Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor terminals; (1) MAF Feed Circuit, (2) MAF Signal Low, (3) MAF Signal High, (4) IAT Sensor Input, (5) Sensor Ground