Vibe 2006-2007

Struts (MacPherson Struts)


Removal & Installation

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Fig. Common coil spring and strut component assembly

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions section.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:
    Do not support the weight of the vehicle on the suspension arm; the arm will deform under its weight.

    Negative battery cable. Because of the air bag system, wait at least 90 seconds before proceeding

    Stabilizer link from the strut
    Bolt, and disconnect the brake hose from the strut
    With ABS brakes, speed sensor wiring harness from the strut
    Lower strut bolts and nuts
    Upper strut nuts
    Strut from the steering knuckle

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    Fig. Proper method of supporting the strut in a vise


  5. To disassemble the strut:

    Install a bolt and 2 nuts to the bracket at the lower portion of the strut shell and secure it in a vise
    Compress the coil spring
    Dust cover and hold the spring seat so that it will not turn
    Nut on the top of the strut
    Suspension support, bearing, dust seal, spring seat, spring, insulators and bumper


To install:

  1. To assemble the strut:

    Install the spring bumper to piston

  3. Using a spring compressor, compress the spring.

    Coil spring to the strut. Fit the lower end of the coil spring into the gap of the lower seat.
    Spring seat with the insulator
    Dust seal on the spring seat
    Suspension support and tighten 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm). After the nut has been tighten, release the compressor tool tension.

  5. Pack multipurpose grease into the suspension support.
    Do not use an impact wrench to tighten the nut. Also, check that the bearing fits into the recess in the suspension support.

    Dust cover.

    Nuts holding the strut to the strut tower. Tighten the nuts to 29 ft. lbs. (39 Nm).
    2 lower strut bolts and nuts. Tighten to 162 ft. lbs. (220 Nm).

    Brake line to the steering knuckle. Tighten the line bolt to 21 ft. lbs. (29 Nm).
    Secure the wiring harness, if equipped with ABS
    Stabilizer link. Tighten the nut to 55 ft. lbs. (74 Nm).
    Wheel. Tighten the lug nuts to 76 ft. lbs. (103 Nm).
    Negative battery cable

  7. Check and adjust the alignment, if needed