Vibe 2006-2007

Brake Calipers


Removal & Installation

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions section.
  3. Remove some fluid from the reservoir with a suction pump.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Rear wheels

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Exploded view of the rear caliper components

    Clip and both anti-rattle springs
    Two pad guide pins
    Pads with the shims
    Banjo bolt and disconnect the brake hose from the caliper. Plug the hose to prevent fluid loss and contamination.
    2 caliper mounting bolts and the caliper from its mounting bracket


To Install:

  1. Compress the caliper piston using a C-clamp or other suitable tool.
  3. Install or connect the following:

    Caliper. Tighten the caliper bolts to 34 ft. lbs. (46 Nm).
    Brake hose with new sealing washers. Tighten the banjo bolt to 21 ft. lbs. (29 Nm).
    New anti-squeal shims, apply disc brake grease to the inside of the shim before installation
    Inner pad with the wear indicator facing upwards
    Outer pad
    Two pad guide pins
    Anti-rattle springs and the clip

  5. Fill the reservoir with fluid and bleed the brake system. Adjust the parking brake if necessary.

    Rear wheels