Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide



After years of exposure to the elements, any paint will have its appearance adversely affected by dust, sunlight and rain. In this event, it is possible to renew much of the original luster of the paint with the use of a polishing compound. One made especially for the synthetic-resin enamel finish of the Volkswagen is available at most Volkswagen dealerships, and is known by the designation "L 170". This specially-formulated polish seems to be one of the best possible compounds for restoring both the original color and brightness of the Volkswagen finish. It is recommended that the paint be waxed after every application of polish so that the renewed luster can be maintained for as long as possible. When polishing the Volkswagen, one should be careful not to polish too large an area at one time, and, in any event, to observe the instructions given on the label by the manufacturer.