Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Removing Spots


Because water alone will not always be able to remove tar, oil, insects, etc., this type of foreign matter must be removed as soon as possible by other means. Tar splashes in particular have a tendency to corrode the finish in a short time, and should be removed with a soft cloth soaked with turpentine oil. After removing the tar spots, the treated areas must be washed with a mild, lukewarm soap solution, and the area rinsed in order to remove the cleansing agent. Preservatives such as the VW L 190 and L 170 can also be used for this purpose. Baked-on insects can be removed with either a soap solution or with the previously-mentioned preservatives. Tree droppings and industrial dirt should, like all foreign matter on the paint, be removed as soon as possible. Special cleaners containing acid can be used for the purpose of removing industrial grime that adheres to the paint, and can be obtained from automobile accessory dealers.