Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Cooling Fan



Type 1 and 2 Engines

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Fig. Fig. 1 Cross-sectional view of the cooling fan used on type 1 and 2 engines (upright)

Using a T-wrench, remove the four retaining screws on the fan cover. Remove the generator and fan. While holding fan from rotating, unscrew the fan retaining nut and take off the fan, spacer washers, and hub.

Installation of the fan is as follows: place the hub on the generator shaft, making sure that the woodruff key is securely positioned. Insert the spacer washers. (Note: the distance between the fan and the fan cover should be between 0.06-0.07 in. (1.5-1.8mm). Place the fan into position and tighten its retaining nut with a torque wrench and socket to 40-47 ft. lbs. Check the distance from the fan to the cover. Correct spacing is achieved by inserting the proper number of spacer washers between the hub and the thrust washer. When only one washer is used, the other two should be positioned between the lockwasher and the fan. Insert the generator in the fan housing and tighten the retaining screws on the fan housing cover. (With 1967 and more recent models, be sure that the cooling air intake slot is at the bottom when the retaining plate is screwed onto the fan housing.)

Type 3 Engine

Fan removal begins with the removal of the crankshaft pulley, coil, and the rear half of the fan housing. The fan can then be removed.

During installation of the fan, check the condition of the oil return thread on the fan hub, and install the rear half of the fan housing, coil and crankshaft pulley.