Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Crankshaft Oil Seal


The EPA warns that prolonged contact with used engine oil may cause a number of skin disorders, including cancer! You should make every effort to minimize your exposure to used engine oil. Protective gloves should be worn when changing the oil. Wash your hands and any other exposed skin areas as soon as possible after exposure to used engine oil. Soap and water, or waterless hand cleaner should be used.


Oil losses at the flywheel could well be the result of a leaky crankshaft oil seal. This seal is removed after removing the flywheel. After the flywheel is removed, inspect the surface on the flywheel joining flange where the oil seal makes contact. Remove old oil seal by prying it out of its counterbore. Before installing new crankshaft oil seal, clean the crankcase oil seal recess and coat it thinly with sealing compound. The sharp edges should be slightly chamfered so that the outer edge of the seal is not damaged. Using VW tool 204b, press in the new seal, being sure that it rests squarely on the bottom of its recess. Remove the tool and reinstall the flywheel after coating the oil seal contact surface with oil.