Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Front Hood



Types 1 and 3 Models

To avoid damaging the finish, cover the cowl panel with a protective cloth. To save installation time, matchmark the hinge positions before removing the hood. An assistant is needed for this procedure.

  1. Matchmark the hinges to the underside of the hood.
  3. Remove the 2 hood bolts from one of the hinges.
  5. Have an assistant hold the unbolted side of the hood while you remove the 2 hood bolts from the other side.
  7. Together, lift the hood up and off toward the front of the car.

To install:

  1. Before installing the hood, check the condition of the rubber weatherstripping. If necessary, reglue or replace it.

If the weatherstripping is going to be replaced, make certain to remove all traces of old weatherstripping by using a suitable solvent. Otherwise the new weatherstripping may not install evenly or may fail to adhere properly to the body.

  1. Attach the hood loosely. Move the hood in the elongated bolt holes until it contacts the weatherstripping evenly all around. Then tighten the bolts securely.
  3. On type 3 models, align the hood with the fenders by screwing the adjustable rubber bumpers in or out. To prevent vibrations, be sure the bumpers contact the body.
  5. Check the lock operation by opening and closing the hood several times. If necessary, adjust the lock.

If it is necessary to lower the hinges after the hood has been removed, use a lever bolted to the hinge.

To remove the hinge from the body, remove the dashboard access panel from the rear of the luggage compartment by removing the 2 knurled nuts. Also remove the front luggage compartment load liner. Pry the E-clip off the bottom pivot pin for the spring mount. Then press out the pin and swing the spring toward the front of the car until it is no longer compressed. unbolt the hinge from the bracket under the dashboard.

Type 2 Models

Type 2 models are not equipped with front hoods.