Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Oil Breather



The Volkswagen crankcase is ventilated by a hose which carries oil fumes from the crankcase into the air cleaner where they are burned with the fuel air mixture. In order to remove the oil breather, the connecting hose must be pulled off, the threaded ring removed, and the oil filler and drain pipe extracted.

Installation involves putting a rubber cap on the water drain pipe and sliding the rubber valve properly onto the drain pipe (until the button on the valve engages the hole in the pipe). When installing the oil filler, do not omit the gasket between the generator support and the oil filler.

On the pre-1968 type 3 engine, the oil breather serves the same function as in the other models, and the procedure is much the same. However, since the oil filler tube serves as the dipstick tube, it is necessary to use a setting jig to ensure dipstick accuracy if the filler pipe is removed and then replaced. Otherwise, the procedure is similar to that just described. After 1968, type 3 engines have a closed ventilation system with a separate dipstick tube.