Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Every 6,000 Miles


Check V-belt for tightness. Clean fuel pump filter.
Check breaker points and replace, if necessary.
Lubricate distributor cam with lithium grease. Check point gap and ignition timing. (refer to .)
Adjust valve clearances. (refer to .)
Clean and gap spark plugs.
Check compression pressures.
Check exhaust system for damage.
Check water drain flaps and cooling bellows on 1600 Fastback and Squareback models.
Adjust clutch pedal free-play.
Check dust seals on steering joints and tie rod ends.
Check tightness of tie rods.
Check axial play of upper torsion arms; and camber and toe-in.
Check steering gear and, if necessary, adjust play between roller and worm.
Check for tire wear and damage.
Check braking system for leaks or damage.
Check brake fluid level; top up if necessary with Genuine VW
Brake Fluid or Lockheed brake fluid. Do not use mineral oil.
Check for defective light bulbs and other possible defects in the electrical system.
Check and clean air cleaner, top up with oil if necessary.
Check rear axle oil level and inspect for leaks.
Lubricate front end.
Check automatic transaxle level, fill up if necessary.
On automatic stick-shift, check clutch servo rod clearance, clean control valve air filter, and clean and adjust shift lever contacts.