Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

Fuel Filter



Carbureted Engines

On carbureted models, the fuel filter is located in the mechanical fuel pump. There are three types of fuel pumps. Two types have a single screw holding a cover on the top of the pump. To remove the filter screen, undo the screw and carefully lift the cover off the pump. Remove the cover gasket and filter screen taking careful note of the position of the screen. Blow the screen out with air and replace the screen and cover using a new gasket if necessary.

The third type of fuel pump has four screws securing the top cover to the pump. This type of pump has a large plug with a hexagonal head. Remove this plug and washer (gasket) to gain access to the cylindrical filter screen located beneath the plug. Blow the screen out with air and replace it in its bore with the open end facing into the pump. Install the washer and plug. Do not overtighten the plug.

Fuel Injected Engines

The fuel filter is in the pump suction line, either near, or mounted on the fuel pump. It should be replaced every 6,000 miles. To replace the filter:

  1. Pinch clamp the fuel lines shut on either side of the filter.
  3. Remove the pin holding the filter bracket to the pump. Remove the filter.
  5. Install the new filter making sure that the arrow points to the pump. Replace the bracket and pin.
  7. Install screw type hose clamps on the fuel lines.
  9. Remove the pinch clamps.