Volkswagen Air Cooled 1949-1969 Repair Guide

General Information


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Fig. Fig. 1 Exploded view of the steering column, gear and linkage

Type 1 and 3 steering is of the roller type. The type 2 uses worm and peg steering. All models since 1968 have collapsible or breakaway steering column arrangements for crash protection. The movements of the steering wheel are transmitted to the wheels via tie rods which are adjustable and maintenance-free. Road shocks are reduced through a hydraulic steering damper.

The worm in the steering case is adjustable, and is engaged by a roller shaft with a needle bearing mounted roller. The roller shaft is held by bronze bushings in the housing and housing cover, while the worm spindle is mounted in ball bearings. The spindle and the roller shaft are both adjustable, the former by a washer fitted under the upper bearing, and the latter by a screw in the housing cover.