Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide

Shock Absorber



Type 4

The shock absorber is the lower stop for the suspension.

The A-arm must be securely supported when the shock absorber is disconnected to prevent the spring tension from being released suddenly.

Leaving the car on the ground or raising the car and securely supporting the A-arm, remove the lower shock absorber through-bolt. To gain access to the upper shock mount, remove the access panel for each shock located at the sides of the rear luggage shelf. Remove the self-locking nut from the shock absorber shaft and remove the shock. Installation is the reverse of removal.

1980-81 Type 2

Refer to Type 4 shock absorber removal and installation for procedures; observe the CAUTION. The shock absorber is not mounted inside the spring, but behind it. Unfasten the shock absorber retaining bolts and remove the shock absorber.