Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide



1979-81 Type 2's destined for California are equipped with a Hall Effect electronic ignition system which does away with the conventional breaker points and condenser used on all other models in this guide.

Located in the distributor, in addition to the normal rotor cap, is a round, four bladed rotor unit. This unit is attached to the distributor shaft below the rotor cap and in about the same position as the breaker points cam on conventional ignition systems. Mounted on the distributor base, in about the same position as the breaker points on conventional ignition systems, is a pick-up coil unit.

The basic operating principle of the Hall Effect ignition is this: the rotor unit revolves with the top rotor cap and, as each of its four blades passes between the stationary pick-up coils, a magnetic shift occurs which signals the control unit to break primary ignition current in the coil and thus generate the spark. The control unit is used in conjunction with an idle stabilizer unit which controls idle speed according to engine load by adjusting the ignition timing. The idle stabilizer must be by-passed to adjust the idle speed and timing.