Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide



To avoid damaging the electronic ignition system, always observe the following:

Do not disconnect and connect ignition system wires with the ignition switch in the ON position (whether the engine is running or not).
Do not install any ignition coil except the factory recommended one (part No. 211 905 115 C).
To disable the engine, to prevent it from starting while performing any of the several tests in this guide (compression test, etc.), disconnect the high tension wire from the center of the distributor cap and connect it to ground.
Never attempt to connect a condenser to terminal 1 (-) of the ignition coil.
Do not connect a quick charger to the battery for longer than one minute when attempting to boost start the engine.
Do not disconnect the battery with the engine running.
Do not wash the engine while it is running.
Do not electric weld the vehicle with the battery connected.
Disconnect the plug at the ignition control unit when towing a car with a damaged ignition system.
Do not connect test instruments with a 12V supply on terminal 15 of ignition coil.