Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide

Chassis Greasing


There are four grease fittings on Type 1 and 3 models. They are located at the end of each front torsion bar housing. There is a fifth fitting at the center of the front torsion bar housing for the steering linkage on Type 2 vehicles through 1979. Wipe off each fitting before greasing. Super Beetles, 1971-80 Super Beetle Convertibles, and Type 4 models require no greasing. The vehicle should be greased every 6,000 miles (1970-72 Types 1 and 3 and 1970 Type 2) or 18,000 miles (1973-80 Type 1, 1973 Type 3, 1971-79 Type 2). The 1980-81 Type 2 does not need chassis lubrication.