Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide

Temperature Sensors I and II



The air temperature sensor is located in the air distributor housing and may be unscrewed from the housing. The second temperature switch is located in the cylinder head on the left side and senses cylinder head temperature. It is removed with a special wrench. To test these switches, attach an ohmmeter and measure the resistance of the switch as the temperature is raised gradually to 212As the temperature rises, the resistance of the first switch should drop from about 200 ohms to 80 ohms. The cylinder head switch resistance should drop from about 1,700 ohms to 190 ohms at 212ordm;.

The third switch is actually a thermoswitch and is an ON/OFF type switch. Below 41ordm; it is ON to activate the cold starting valve. The switch is located next to the distributor and may be removed with a 24 mm wrench.