Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide



See Figures 1 through 6

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Fig. Fig. 1: Support Type 1 Super Beetle and Type 4 models at the front end with jackstands under the crossmember as shown

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Fig. Fig. 2: On Type 1 Karmann Ghia, Beetle, 1970-79 Type 2 and all Type 3 models, the front end should be supported by jackstands beneath the front axle

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Fig. Fig. 3: When jacking a Type 2 models to change a tire, use the points indicated (arrows)

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Fig. Fig. 4: Jack a Beetle or Super Beetle at the point indicated to change a tire

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Fig. Fig. 5: Make certain to position the floor jack under the jacking point when lifting the rear of the vehicle ...

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Fig. Fig. 6: ... or under the center frame when lifting the front of the vehicle

Jacking points are provided at the sides of all models for the standard equipment jack. The jack supplied with the car should never be used for any service operation other than tire changing. NEVER get under the car while it is supported by just a jack. If the jack should slip or tip over, as jacks often do, it would be exceedingly difficult to raise the car again while pinned underneath. Always block the wheels when changing tires.

The service operations in this guide often require that one end or the other, or both, of the car be raised and supported safely. The best arrangement is a grease pit or a vehicle hoist. It is realized that these items are not often found in the home garage, but there are reasonable and safe substitutes. Small hydraulic, screw, or scissors jacks are satisfactory for raising the car. Heavy wooden blocks or adjustable jackstands should be used to support the car while it is being worked on.

Drive-on trestles, or ramps, are a handy and safe way to raise the car. These can be bought or constructed from suitable heavy boards or steel.

When raising the car with a floor, screw or scissors jack, or when supporting the car with jack stands, care should be taken in the placement of this equipment. The front of the car may be supported beneath the axle tube on Type 1 Beetles, 1970 Beetle convertibles, all Karmann Ghias, Type 2 models through 1979, and all Type 3 models. The front of all Super Beetles, 1971-77 Beetle convertibles, and all Type 4 models may be supported at the reinforced member to the rear of the lower control arms. 1980-81 Type 2 models should be supported at the frame crossmembers.

In any case, it is always best to spend a little extra time to make sure that the car is lifted and supported safely.

Concrete blocks are not recommended. They may break if the load is not evenly distributed.