Volkswagen Air-Cooled 1970-1981 Repair Guide



Type numbers are the way Volkswagen designates its various groups of models. The type 1 group contains the Beetle, Super Beetle, and the Karmann Ghia. Type 2 vehicles are the Delivery Van, the Micro Bus, The Vanagon, the Kombi and the Campmobile. The Type 3 designation is for the Fastback and Squareback sedans. The Type 4 is for the 411 and 412 sedans and wagon. These type numbers will be used throughout the guide when it is necessary to refer to models.

An explanation of the terms suitcase engine and upright fan engine is, perhaps, necessary. The upright fan engine refers to the engine used in the Type 1 and 2 (1970-71) vehicles. This engine has the engine cooling fan mounted on the top of the engine and is driven by the generator. The fan is mounted vertically in contrast to a horizontally mounted fan as found on the Chevrolet Corvair engine. The suitcase engine is a comparatively compact unit to fit in the Type 3, 4 and 1972 and later Type 2 engine compartments. On this engine, the cooling fan is mounted on the crankshaft giving the engine a rectangular shape similar to that of a suitcase.