Volkswagen Cars 2000-05

Pedal Travel Switch


The brake pedal travel sensor is mounted to the brake booster, next to the brake master cylinder. Not all models have a brake pedal travel sensor.

Removal & Installation

The brake pedal position sensor is only available as a repair kit. The repair kit includes the sensor, retaining clip, sealing ring and 4 colored spacer caps, white, green, blue and red. Each cap is a different dimension. When replacing the sensor always use the same color cap as the one that was removed. The color of the spacer cap can also be identified by a colored dot on the booster housing near the mounting point for the sensor.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  3. Pump the brake pedal several times to disperse the vacuum in the booster.
  5. If necessary, disconnect the electrical connector from the coolant expansion tank and move the tank aside.
  7. Detach the electrical connector from the sensor.
  9. Using a small, flat-blade prytool, expand the circlip in a clockwise direction and carefully pull the sensor from the brake booster.

To install:

The brake vacuum booster is color-coded. A spacer cap of the same color must be installed onto the tip of the sensor plunger.

  1. Position a new snap ring, such that the opening is at the top.
  3. Install a new sealing ring onto the sensor and coat with soft soap.
  5. Install the sensor such that the notch is facing down and press the sensor into the booster until an audible sound can be heard as it is fully seated.
  7. Once fully seated, then reconnect the electrical connector.