Volkswagen Cars 2000-05

Description & Operation


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Fig. Location of the air conditioning compressor-1994 2.0L, 8 valve

All the procedures needing the air conditioner refrigerant lines to be disconnected require that the system be discharged and the refrigerant recovered by a qualified and properly equipped shop. Do NOT discharge the refrigerant into the atmosphere.

When working on components located near or under the dash be aware of the location of the Supplemental Restraint (SRS) System components and wiring and take care not to damage them.

The SRS system should always be disarmed before performing dash related repairs, otherwise physical injury or component damage could occur.

The climate control regulates the temperature output by the position of the temperature blend door/flap. The flap is controls the movement of air from the air conditioner's evaporator and the heater's heater core, thus eliminating the need for a heater control valve.