Volkswagen Eurovan 2000-03

Instrument Panel & Pad


Removal & Installation

Be sure to obtain the anti-theft code for the radio.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. From inside the engine compartment, remove the dust/pollen filter.
  5. Remove the right side air intake duct at instrument panel.
  7. Release the retaining tabs and pull out air vent housing for air intake duct.
  9. Remove the radio trim panel.
  11. Remove the hex bolts on both sides of the passenger-s side air bag unit and remove air bag.
  13. Remove the hex bolt from the air duct and cross panel support in engine compartment behind vacuum reservoir.
  15. Remove the driver side airbag by performing the following procedure:

    Place the steering wheel so front tires are facing straight-ahead.
    At the rear of the steering wheel, insert a 7 in. (175mm) screwdriver into the hole in the hub approximately 1 3 / 4 in. (45mm) deep.
    Pull the screwdriver upward to release the air bag clip.
    Rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees in the opposite direction and release the clip on the other side.
    Center the steering wheel with the front wheels facing straight-ahead.
    Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the air bag.

  17. Remove the steering wheel from the steering column by removing the center hex bolt.
  19. Remove the instrument panel by performing the following procedure:

    Remove the upper steering column cover screws and the cover.
    Remove the lower steering column cover screws, release the steering wheel height adjustment and remove the lower steering column switch trim.
    Remove the combination switch-to-steering column bolt, disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the combination switch.
    Remove the 2 screws at the rear of the instrument cluster trim cover, press in the clips and remove the trim cover.
    Remove the 2 screws at the side of the speedometer cluster cover, pull the cover forward and disconnect the electrical connector.
    Below the instrument cluster, remove the fresh air vent and the vent outlet.
    Insert a thin feeler gauge above the headlight dimmer switch and push to the right to release the locks and then remove the dimmer switch.
    Remove the left and right center air outlets and the ashtray.
    Starting at the ashtray opening, carefully loosen the center instrument panel trim panel and remove the panel.
    Insert radio release tool 3316 into unlocking slots on side of radio until engaged.
    Remove radio from instrument panel by pulling out on tool.
    Disconnect radio connectors.
    Remove the A/C control head trim panel, remove 4 screws and the A/C control panel.
    Remove the heater control trim panel, the heater rotary knobs and remove the heater control panel.
    Disconnect all electrical connectors from the center instrument panel.
    At the driver-s side, remove the fuse/relay panel cover and the storage tray.
    At the driver-s side, remove the footwell air duct screws and the air duct.
    At the driver-s side, remove the A-pillar trim panel.
    At the driver-s side, remove the photo sensor from the top of the instrument panel.
    Disconnect the radio speaker connectors from both sides of the instrument panel.
    On both sides of the instrument panel, remove the instrument panel end trim cover and remove the hex screws.
    Remove the instrument panel assembly from the instrument panel carrier.

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    Fig. Exploded view of the instrument panel, and related components-Eurovan



To install:

  1. Install the instrument panel by reversing the removal procedure.
  3. Torque the steering wheel nut to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm). Torque the driver-s side air bag mounting screws to 44 inch lbs. (5 Nm).