Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide




See Figure 1

Check the cable adjustments on all models as follows:

  1. Run the engine at 1,000-1,200 rpm with the parking brake on and the wheels blocked.
  3. Select the Reverse gear. A drop in engine speed should be noticed.
  5. Select the Park position; engine speed should increase. Pull the shift lever against the stop in the direction of Reverse. The engine speed should not drop (because reverse gear has not been engaged).
  7. Move the shift lever to engage the Reverse. Engine speed should drop as the gear engages.
  9. Move the shift lever into Neutral. An increase in engine speed should be noticed.
  11. Shift into Drive. A noticeable drop in engine speed should result.
  13. Shift into 1. The lever must engage without having to overcome any resistance.
  15. To adjust the cable, shift into Park, then proceed as follows:
  17. On Dashers before chassis no. 3-5 2 044 957, remove the cover from the bottom of the shift lever case under the car and loosen the cable clamp. Using pliers, press the lever on the transaxle to the rear (against spring tension) until it hits the stop, then tighten the clamp.
  19. On Dashers with chassis no. 3-5 2 044 957 and later, as well as Quantums, the shift cable clamp is loosened from inside the passenger compartment. Have an assistant under the car press the transaxle lever toward the Park position and tighten the clamp.
  21. On all models except Dasher and Quantum, loosen the cable clamp at the transaxle end of the cable. Press the transaxle lever all the way to the left, then tighten the cable clamp.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Dasher automatic transaxle linkage adjustment-before chassis number 3-5 2 044 957


Except 1985-89 Golf and Jetta

See Figure 2

Early Dashers with the type 003 automatic transaxle (identified by the modulator hose attached to the driver's side front of the transaxle above the pan) have a kickdown switch rather than a throttle cable. See the appropriate procedure for the switch test.

  1. Make sure the throttle is closed. On carbureted models, the choke and fast idle cam must be off.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Automatic transaxle cable arrangement on fuel injected engines

  1. Detach the cable end at the transaxle.
  3. Press the lever at the transaxle into its closed throttle position.
  5. You should be able to attach the cable end onto the transaxle lever without moving the lever.