Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide

Brake Light Switch



Pedal Mounted Switch

See Figure 1

The brake switch is mounted on the brake pedal support bracket. Disconnect and remove the switch by pulling the switch from the adjusting clip. To adjust, depress the brake pedal and push in the switch as far as it will go. Pull the pedal back by hand as far as it will go. The switch is adjusted after no clicks are heard.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Pedal mounted brake light switch (black plunger). The threaded switch is for cruise control

Master Cylinder Mounted Switch

See Figure 2

Disconnect the switch from the master cylinder, then remove using an appropriate sized wrench or socket. Lubricate the switch with brake fluid and torque to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm). Connect the wire and bleed the system as outlined in this section.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Exploded view of a master cylinder with brake light switches